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Rods for all specialties of Spinning & Casting, fishing for all species that can be caught to spinning: sea bass, tuna, Bass, Lucio, pike-perch, catfish... with actions of 2 gr. 500gr. And measures 1.7 meters, 3.70 meters. Telescopic models available.

WE RECOMMEND: To choose a spinning rod, the more important it is to be clear what type of lure and weight throw and from where. If we launch from shore, we should choose greater than 2.40 m long rods, being recommended of 2.70 and 3 meters. If we launch from boat would be advisable not to exceed the 2.40 meters from our shank length.
On the lure, take into account the weight of the same to select appropriate action of released to the blank of the cane to load properly at the time of launch.

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