Wide range of artificial lures, jigs and vinyls, specific for all types of fishing in sea, River, or reservoir. Available types of Spinning, Casting, Popping, Jigging, Rock Fishing, trolling, chumming, fishing, trolling in the background. Valid for all predator species: tuna, Denton, Black Bass, Pike, catfish, pike-perch, trout, squid and cuttlefish. Available models: Minnows, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, flies, streamers, Jighead, Bucktails, heads Plumb, feathers, articulated lures, Poppers, Stickbaits, spoons, Jigs, squid jigs, walkers. We highlight the manufacturer: Bassday Duo, Fishus, Hart, Hots, Molix, Rapala, Maria, Halco, Shout, Duel, Lucky Craft, Megabass, River2sea, Sakura, Shimano, Naory, Seabile, Xorus, Yamashita, Yozuri, Yokozuna, Zoom, Zenith, jackson, Misaki, Storm, Black Minnow.

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