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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

13cm - 80gr. You can troll from 2 to 12 knots almost without offering resistance. 2 triple hooks MUSTAD 3XX.



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New lure of Halco 80gr which can be used for the trolling and jigging. You can troll from 2 to 12 knots almost without offering resistance.  2 triple hooks MUSTAD 3XX.

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    Lure HALCO company started the business in 1950, when Hal Cooper, an engineer by profession, began to manufacture metal lures and fishing gear in a small shop in Mosman Park, Western Australia. Infrared lure proof of evidence abroad and past regimes have made in Malaysia, Egypt, the Canary Islands, the Czech Republic and Russia to name a few. HALCO Tackle was placed in third place throughout the IGFA saltwater captured records in lures to 2004. HALCO added lure hard body best prestige in the 2005 Australian Tackle Show later this year to add to its already impressive collection of industry awards. This year Halco won the coveted award of the International Association of fishing lure company with records set in 2006 in freshwater. This is a great achievement considering the relative size of their direct opposition and a good omen for the future. With the advantage of being a long established company with a look forward, experience and innovative management team, Halco is committed to significantly increase the lure global market share as they move toward the future