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Lure for long cast and strong undertows. Length: 124mm. Weight: 16gr



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A lure that has reliable long distance castability.
A lure that "bites" the water and has a lively wobbling action.
A lure that maintains its attitude even in strong undertows.
A near flat-sided body that flashes strongly.
The ideal surf minnow that replies to the toughest demands of anglers.
It uses our MZ-19 "SMA Shaft Glider" System with a shape-memory shaft.
Utilizing the flex and spring of the shaft, we check weight play when retrieving by using a weight holder (PAT-496929)
 • Size: 124mm
 • Weight: 16gr
 • Hook: #6
 • Ring: #3
 • Action: Rolling and tight wobbling
 • SMA Shaft Glider System

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  • Long: 10 to 15 cm
  • Weight: From 10 to 30 gr
  • Manufacturing: Japanese
  • Shovel: Short
  • Ratlin: Not
  • For: Black Bass - Lucio
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