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Comes with 2 or 3 triple hooks. Available in 90mm and 120mm

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The SW Staysee reproduces the unique movements of sardine and mackerel. Ideally, you want to keep the lure in constant contact with a rocky bottom so the lure moves by knocking against the hard surface. The effectiveness of long-lipped minnow lures in sea-bass fishing (where jerkbaits are the norm) is not widely known, but try the SW Staysee for yourserlf and experience the difference.

The Staysee was produced to creep towards bass with a pumping retrieve, pausing for a long time to irritate them during the spawning season when females are still protecting their bed. The suitability of the Staysee for slow fishing achieved by a pumping retrieve comes from the tight rolling action produced from the beautiful body shape and lip angle. Only the Staysee makes it possible to get close to and attract bass in medium shallow water without causing alarm through its detailed vibration and biomechanical movement.

The 90mm model comes with 2 triple hooks.
The 120mm model comes with 3 triple hooks.

SW = Saltwater models      
SP = Suspending
S= Sinking
F= Floating
LB = Long Bill 
SSR = Super Shallow runner
SR = Shallow Runner      
DR = Deep runner
MR = Medium Runner


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