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Duplex lure by Maria. Available in 80mm, 31gr and several colours

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Great ability to launch and a fast swimming ideal for spinning or slow trolling. Because of their small size at 8 cm and his weight in 31 g (drowned), can take very long hauls. It immerses until 30 and 40 cm with an irregular swimming. Very effective and used to throw at the aviaries of nice being used also for the servia bass, saddled seabream, horse mackerel, imperial Needle...
It"s necessary to detach their weight and size because it"s almost unique in its characteristics of lure with bibit and can be a good combination or replacement to the typical lively parade or other jigs less than 30 gr. and also used to launch the spinning, but with the advantage of swimming with bib and incredible realism.

 • Size of captures: 0,4 kg to 8 kg
 • Recommended line: 0,24 mm to 0,30 mm
 • Easy movement efficiency
 • Length: 80mm
 • Weight: 31gr 

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