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21gr - 14cm - 2 triple VMC hooks

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Minnow designed in ultra-resistant polymer, prints holografics layers of quality and have system of mass transfer and great strength of triple VMC hooks, yes there is a security in terms of initial sort of its components and modernity that makes them comparable to models high specialist japanese marks.

Floating, stickbait, with an example of rolling in the shallow waters, a minnow resistant to adverse sea conditions, so missing this artificial way elongated ans stylized, with the mass transfer system with two balls and channel very long.


  • His mass transfer system allows you to achieve notable distances (waht we put in comparison with some of the most renowned models in this type and to overcome).
  • The elongated shape appears to conceal an activity that is seen in the first moment, in the end, the typical staggering high frequency but of short typical amplitude of the slim minnows, it is clear.
  • The Ocean Minnow Complex will be a frien of battle that may weel emerge in alignment with other of the most famous brands in the field.

Major catch: bass, spit, dentex...
Size catch: 0,3 to 6kg
Weight: 21gr
Length: 14cm
Hooks: 2 VMC triple hooks

This product has accessories that you can use to enhance or get more out of SHIMANO OCEAN MINNOW COMPLEX LURE - 21GR 14CM

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