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10 models available. Mesures: 1.90m, 2.13m, 2.15m. Actions: 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 80lb, 130lb. Compositers with 1 section, and 6 to 8 rings.

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This rod is the result of several years of development in many parts of the world. The wide range of classes IGFA begins 12lbs fishing trolling lightly until 130lbs for catching big marlin. Different rods for different uses. In this range are considerably lighter and slender reeds of 0 lbs, specially designed for the giant blue fin tuna. The blank is highly resistant, and made with graphite and biofibra. The rings are superbly on mechanized mass of solid aluminum. The base is one piece, of machining Dueal. 80 and 130 lbs. Also available based curve.
The assembly is made to measure with one aspect of the highest quality.
BIOFIBRE: Biofibre is "state of the art" in terms of rod construction and is 4 times stronger than any other carbon material. It involves the random distribution of "non woven" biofibres and mid-short fibres that don"t cross each other, but "float" in an elastomeric (synthetic rubber) resin to reinforce the carbon fibres in all directions. This process produces amazing strength ensuring rods constructed using the Biofibre process are incredibly strong and durable. Because of the significant increase in strength, you would naturally assume that weight has been sacrificed to achieve this remarkable level of durability. You"ll therefore be even more surprised to learn that Biofibre is 2.4 times lighter than the lightest carbon fibre.
The 80B and 130B models with short handle for fighting chair.

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  • Rings: It manufactures
  • Mango: Curved
  • Sections: 1 section
  • Use cane: Trolling
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