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Full HD Action Camera with waterproof housing, remote control, LCD screen and extra mounts

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SD19F ESA is the first camera designed for use "friendly", light, easy, intuitive and quick to use.

SD19F allows you to record videos in HD and FULL HD and take pictures with a resolution of up to 8MP.
It is the first fully remote controlled camera to 15m. As you press the button, a photo shoot or will initiate / will stop recording.
All without having to reprogram or having to stop every time you want to change something.
The laser pointer included, is a useful tool because it indicates where the center points of the target display.
At the top of the camera there is a small screen that displays basic guidelines: configuration type (photo video), recording duration, battery status, and capacity USB memory card.
There are also controls Power, VOX activation (sound activated recording), video recording and Photo.
On the sides are the slots for micro SD card, USB, AV output and HDMI output.
The one that comes standard, remote control to enable / stop recording and shooting photographs, without stopping or configuring the camera.
The first camera with which you can start / stop recording, take photos or on / off laser pointer will remotely via your remote.
The AEE SD19 is the first camera that has been created with a concept of "friendly", with intuitive menus in Spanish with those who do not even need to read the manual, all the options are clear and easily understood.
Fully user configurable and with more advanced features for maximum satisfaction for its versatility, reliability and ease of use, with amazing quality. It can be used both inside the protective case waterproof to 60m and beyond.
Standard includes everything needed for normal use and enjoyment.
In addition there is a vast range of optional accessories to suit every need: ski, surf, bike, car, bike, diving ...
The camera SD19F AEE represents the new generation of so-called action cameras that respond to the wishes of all the fans who want to share with the richest variety of features and functions.
The camera is the first to SD19F you the choice to record videos or take pictures by simply pressing a button on your remote control exclusively.
The wireless remote control lets you start / stop recording, take a picture or turn on / off the laser pointer.
With the accessories supplied with the camera SD19F allows different mounting options, you can expand with a variety of compatible accessories, allowing you complete freedom of movement while practicing your favorite activity, without worrying about anything but enjoy.
The AEE SD19F action camera comes with a polycarbonate case that protects the camera from water and the elements of the external environment.
It is very light and waterproof to 60 meters.
At the top of the camera there is a small display AEE showing basic guidelines: configuration type (photo or video), recording duration, battery status, and capacity USB memory card.
There are also controls Power, VOX activation (sound activated recording), Video Recording and Photo.
Aee Sd19f Sports pack camera includes:
 • Remote control up to 15m
 • Waterproof housing up to 60m
 • 1000mAh Lithium Battery
 • Flat Adhesive mount
 • Support for mounting without case
 • USB Cable
 • AV Output Cable
 • Tote Bag
 • Strap
 • Installation CD
 • Manual
Aee SD19F camera specifications:
 • Videos in Full HD: 30fps at 1080p and 60fps at 720p
 • Photo: 3, 5 or 8 Mpx
 • Optics: 8.0 MP f/2.8
 • Sensor: 5MP
 • Wide angle 175º
 • Function 180º
 • Laser (switchable)
 • VOX to start recording when it detects a noise
 • Wide range of accessories and attachments
 • Waterproof Case (60m)
 • Side slots for micro SD (64GB), USB, AV and HDMI
 • 4X Digital Zoom (720P)
 • Video function rotated
 • Shooting range and type (single, multiple or continuous)
 • Battery level indicator and free space on the card
 • dynamic video recording instant response to changes in light
 • Laser activated / deactivated via remote or camera
 • VOX to activate recording when it detects a noise
 • Integrated microphone High Quality
 • Operation to -30 ° C
 • Auto standby
 • Battery life of approximately 2.5 h
 • Remote control up to 15m
 • Supports Windows XP / Vista / Seven & Mac OS
 • Weight: 90/116gr

We recommend to purchase the Large Waterproof housing (not included): Large Waterproof Housing

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