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Floating crankbait. Length: 66mm. Weight: 3/8oz. Depth: 2 m



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Based on the Yuki Ito hand-made original from the 1980’s, the Bait-X is a completely redesigned crankbait for riprap and laydowns, featuring Megabass" patented Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT), Water-Intake Lip (PAT.P) and Hydro-Diffusing Body (PAT.P).
The weighted balancers move to the tail for longer, smooth casts often reserved for baits of a larger size, then quickly roll to the front to work with the large bill to get the Bait-X down to structure in a hurry.
As the Bait-X moves along rocky bottoms or across underwater structure, its bill pokes around, stirs up debris, and bumps and bounces off its surroundings, creating enticing, erratic action.
In addition, the bill features two water intakes that channel water downwards and along the length of the body, generating bubbles and increased water disturbance that stir up dirt/silt, creating a life-like presence along bottom structure.
The Bait-X also features internal rattles, which draw attention to the life-like detail and finish of the Bait-X’s custom colors from long distances.
 • Length: 66mm
 • Weight: 3/8 oz
 • Type: Floating
 • Depth: 8-10 ft
 • Hooks: Katsuage Out-Barb #4 front, #6 rear

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  • High: 10
  • Long: 5 to 10 cm
  • Manufacturing: Japanese
  • Shovel: Long
  • Weight: More than 10 gr
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