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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Deep Dropping, Downrigger and long line transform. Retrieval Speed: 80m/min



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The 400 is the beginner"s version of our reels. Many are the accessories available and can be used as downrigger or electric reel. The unit features a power up or power down control, the emergency shut-off button and the standard R/200 spool. The XL 410 is also available as a Canary version for deep dropping.


During our research and product development, we strived to create a simple and user friendly unit. Our units, from the basic to the top of the line, are extremely easy to use with easy to reach and safe controls. Simplicity, high tech, ease of use and maintenance and high quality components are our trademarks. Two very advanced microprocessors control the variable speed and the battery charge indicator.

Interchangeability. Our units offer a wide variety of applications. The same unit, because of the interchangeablility of its components and the available accessories, maybe used to retrieve long lines, mother lines, buoys, traps; may also be used as electric reel, downrigger, easer or kite puller. The accessories are easy and quick to install. The pictures show the different fishing applications of our models.


  • Power: 12 o 24 V
  • Dimensions:   30x22x28cm
  • Weight: 8Kg
  • Drag: Yes / Sí
  • Retrieval speed: 80m/min
  • AVG consumption: 7Amp/h
  • Traction: 18Kg
  • Fish traction: 150Kg

Cover with Nylon-Vetro.

The new nylon and fiberglass case represents the evolution of our units. You immediately notice the smoother and appealing look along with the advantages that the material ofers. In fact, these units are lighter and impact resistant. The nylon fiberglass construction offers greater resistance to the salt and water.


Switch: This switch controls the direction of the reel. Forward to retrieve and backward to power drop. You can also freespool down. On our two speed units 1 indicates the lower speed and 0 the off position.
Fuse Holder: In order to protect the motor from burning in case of escessive strain beyond its capacity we have installed a fuse on each unit.
Shut-0ff Button: The PE kill switch or shut off button, enables you to quickly turn off and on the unit.
Ratcher: The clicker is available on all our units.
Drag: The drag system is very advanced, precise and easy to adjust.

All the electric reels have a one year guarranty.

The wide variety of mounts available allows you to install our equipment on any and all boats, small or big, on your tender or large fishing boat, on a sail boat or mega yacht.



En el planteamiento de nuestras creaciones hemos primado la sencillez. Todos nuestros aparatos, desde los modelos básicos a los de la gama top, son máquinas extremadamente fáciles de usar con pocos y simples mandos que presiden todas las funciones. Esta aparente sencillez no debe llevar a engaño, nuestros equipos disponen en su interior de unos componentes extremadamente avanzados y de alta calidad como por ejemplo los dos microprocesadores que presiden al variador electrónico de velocidad y al indicador de carga de la batería. 

  • For use your reel/downrigger as a deep trolling downrigger, you need this accessories and the boat downrigger base:



  • For use your reel/downrigger as a electric reel, you need this accessories and the boat downrigger base:


  • For use your reel/downrigger as a retrieve long line trap/buoy puller, you need this accessories and the boat downrigger base: 


You can buy the retrieve long line trap pack with the three accessories.

  • Also have a lot of diferent accessories:


Satisfaction guarantee, you may return the KRISTAL FISHING XL 410 ELECTRIC REEL-DOWNRIGGER within a period of 7 days after receiving it.

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2 year warranty on all products of Electric Downriggers Parapesca

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  • Downriggers: Electric
  • Product: Various accessories
  • Quick type: Without automatic shutdown
  • Arm: Optional arm
  • Rod holders: Optional rod holders
    Italian manufacturer, famous from the sunny beaches of Polynesia to the deep Norwegian fjords, specialized in the manufacture of powerful reel electric and downriggers for professional and recreational fishing from the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean to the seas full of fishes of Florida the perfect companion to share the thrill of bottom fishing remains the same : a Kristal fishing reel. The history of Kristal Fishing begins 30 years ago, when the combination of creativity and passion Lasagno Mario created and subsequently patented the first electric salpabolentino. The interest of those who see this first prototype is likely to take to the birth of our company and the presentation of the first three models of electric salpabolentino. The reception by the fishermen of this new product and immediately enthusiastic. With salpabolentini many fisherman find fishing depth hitherto the exclusive domain of a few enthusiasts. Port to port extends her passion for bottom fishing before infecting domestic and then soon market also neighbours such as France, Spain and Greece. Meanwhile, the product is being constantly improved thanks to the continuous feedback from our customers and adapts to the specific needs of different companies. Series Born for the Big Game Canary abysmal, XL 22 for drift and many other innovative products such as depth and counter calls. At the beginning of the 1990s to salpabolentini comes with a new range of products. The electric 600 series in the same period Kristal Fishing reels will begin distributing its products in the United States, where once again, thanks to constant updates and improvements to the products on the suggestion of the most qualified American captains, repeating the success in Europe. At the end of the distribution network of 90 Kristal Fishing expands