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Complete autopilot system with wireless remote control for hydraulically steered sport fishing boats up to 25 feet.

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Complete autopilot system with wireless remote control for hydraulically steered sport fishing boats up to 25 feet.

No wires, no plugs, the S1000 utilizes the latest in wireless technology for reliable and convenient autopilot control. Outfitting a boat with the SmartPilot is easy; simply install the S1000 course computer and hydraulic pump. Everything you need to install is included in the SmartPilot S1000 box, including fittings, hoses and tools. (For most applications. In some instances, additional fittings, hardware or tools may be required.)

Key features of the S1000 Autopilot system include:

  • Wireless autopilot control from up to 32 feet from the base station.
  • Smooth course changes regardless of boat speed.
  • Automatic steering of fishing patterns
  • Intuitive, menu driven interface
  • Easy installation, designed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Designed for hydraulically steered vessels up to 25 feet in length, the S1000 autopilot system system consists of the following components:
S100 Wireless Controller

  • Two line display with a graphical autopilot status indicator
  • Crisp, high contrast 24 x 127 dot matrix display
  • Backlit display
  • Raised profile on Standby button for easy identification in the dark
  • Keylock security
  • Convenient replaceable AAA alkaline batteries

S1000 Autopilot Course Computer

  • Rugged, compact autopilot "brain" with SmartSteer™ technology
  • No compass or rudder reference unit required making for fast and easy installation
  • SeaTalk and NMEA 0183 Interfaces for connection to GPS** and instrumentation.

**A SeaTalk or NMEA 0183 compatible GPS receiver (sold separately)is required for autopilot operation.

SmartPilot Hydraulic Pump

  • Compact, high performance hydraulic autopilot drive.
  • Designed for SeaStar hydraulic steering systems with a capacity of 5 to 8 cubic inches (80 to 130 cubic centimeters)
  • Includes hydraulic adapters, hoses, and hardware for fast, simple installation.

(In some instances, additional fittings, hardware or tools may be required.)

Steering System Compatibility

The S1000 is intended for use with the following steering systems and steering rams

  • HC5345, HC5347, HC5348, and HC5358 SeaStar steering systems.
  • Systems with HC4600, HC4645, HC4647, HC4648, and HC4658, BayStar steering rams.
  • Systems with Hynautic K6 steering rams.

(In some instances, additional fittings, hardware or tools may be required.)

Additionally, the S1000 can be adapted to work with many other hydraulic steering systems from manufacturers like Vetus, Uflex or Lecomble & Schmitt.

The Angler's Copilot

Engineered for the sport fisherman the SmartPilot S1000 is a valuable weapon in the hunt for fish. Delivering optimal trolling speed control, the S1000 automatically steers in figure eight, cloverleaf and zigzag patterns, maximizing coverage of your favorite fishing grounds.


Select a waypoint destination on your chartplotter and let the S1000 navigate your course. Both NMEA 0183 and SeaTalk® compatible the S1000 easily interfaces to a long list of fixed mount and handheld GPS devices. The easy-to-read display provides autopilot status and wireless signal strength. An intuitive menu structure and SmartPilot AutoLearn technology makes operation and calibration easy.


Raymarine SmartSteer™ technology eliminates the need for remotely mounted rudder feedback and compass sensors assemblies. Thanks to SmartSteer™ technology the S1000 controls the proportional rate of turn relative to vessel speed, ensuring smooth and accurate helm control at both trolling and cruising speeds.

GPS Waypoint Tracking: Using the output of your SeaTalk or NMEA 0183 GPS, the S100 will steer to a single waypoint, or follow an entire route point-to-point.

Circular Orbit: Using a center point from your GPS, command the S1000 to maintain an orbit around your favorite fishing hot-spot.

Cloverleaf: Make repeated passes over a central point. Let the S1000 keep you on station while you hunt for the big ones.

Zig Zag: Fish down a line of bearing with the S1000's zig zag pattern. The random course changes make your bait look more realistic and tempting.

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