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Charts for use in Europe and north of Africa



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NAVIONICS Gold XL9 charts are used by the world"s leading marine electronics manufacturers to provide accurate, dependable cartography for their chart plotters.

Navionic Charts offer large areas of coverage on a single cartridge, representing excellent value for money. They have familiar paper chart appearance giving superb detail of tidal currents, depth contours, spot soundings, harbour plans, coloured navigational light sectors and shapes & colours of buoys. This provides a clear, uncluttered display which is easy to read at all zoom levels, making navigation much easier.


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    Everyone is familiar with the GPS that is used in cars and aerial displays or in boats. Leader in nautical cartographyas safe and easier. Today Navionics employs more than 500 enthusiasts, found mainly in USA, Italy, and the India, but with sales and service worldwide. The engineering team, a unique blend of people with long experience, young brains still in school as well, it is responsible for the development of technologies that are constantly a few years ahead of the competition, but at the same time are easy and enjoyable to use by anyone in the open air. The production team is a group of highly qualified people who know the importance of using technology wherever possible to increase the quality and productivity, but also the recognition of the superiority of the human factor and the passion that makes the difference between a product and a good product. But above all what makes the difference is the fact that we are all avid boaters, skiers and outdoor people, we are all our own clients, we all we use and test our products for our own hobbies, which means that the difference between the products designed by engineers for use by engineers and the products made by users for the benefit of the common people. Navionics has the largest database of letters Lake and marine world, which covers waters salted across the globe, as well as tens of thousands of lakes and rivers. Many of these letters have been developed through surveys of property Navionics ' done so much in the field and remote sensing, including satellite images and Airborne laser scanners.