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Silicone and fluorocarbone invisible low line. Length: 100cm. Resistance: 11Kg. Ideal with braided lines. Used for large pieces

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Fluorocarbon and silicone terminal with a swivel on one end and a swivel with a clip at the other. Suitable dor large catches.

Ideal using braided lines, it has the elasticity just to able to stick, without the capture break the mouth by the zero elasticity of braided line. The swivel is stainless steel and high quality, as well as the clip of total security, which can only be open by the hand of the fisherman, not the fish.

Low line for spinning/jigging and trolling fabricated with fluorocarbon and silicone that make it completely transparent in the water and a resistance to friction rather than traction. There are more than 20 kg of force in friction touching rocks or fund and half in traction fish, incorporates a swivel on one extreme and a swivel with clip on the other. Suitable for large catches of up to 11 kg. At the moment we proved with great results trolling low lineand we catch it a dentex more than 30 mts to 5 kg which we are pitching several times, the low line of fluorocarbon/silicone left scraping but without a trace of possible breakage.

Species captured with low line 3 kg to 12 kg: Dentex, sea bass, amberjack, mackerel, jack fish, saddled seabream, weeber, grouper, speton, bonito, small tuna.

Used for trolling.

Resistance: 11Kg
Length: 100cm

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