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Outcast boats Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Outcast boats Online authorized dealer

100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Intlatable float tube. Size:50"x64" (127x163cm). Weight: 16 lbs (7kg). Max load: 325 lbs (147kg)



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A fantastic float tube designed for expert anglers. The Ferrari of the float tubes!!!
The inflatable floor, seat and back turn it into the best friend for anglers.
It give you a higher position than any other.
It has 2 removable compartments and an hidratation valve with 1,5l capacity.
3 tubes with 3 Sumitt valves let it carry a maximum load of 147kg and a unique comfort.
A really wonder for float tube lovers.
It duplicates the efficiency of your fishing in the same places of habitual fishing where you go fishing from shore to spinning, using the ducks.
You will be able to get in places or zones where the rest they will not be able from the shore, it use in pools, marshes, rivers in zones calmed without current for the fishing of the Bass, trout, pike, bullhead...
Only you need a wader with boots and the fins of outcast, that mate to the boot of the wader.
There need neither permissions nor licenses of any type.
Fill it and deflate it in less than 2 minutes, do not occupy site in the porter.
It surprises to your preys, overcoat in waters with many pressure, since they are accustomed to seeing like always they are launched from the shore to the water.
From the duck you can launch on the contrary, from the water towards the shore, creating a scene of hunt perfect and entrusted for our prey distrustfuled.
Also you will be able to launch directly inside the rushes or vegetation of the zone, a very good option to approach very much these plunged trees, definitively, for some days of the year or concrete places of fishing where let"s let"s want to have a nice day.

This heavy duty float tube offers 325 lbs. of flotation in a portable fishing platform.
Featuring an inflatable seat designed to ride high in the water, a hydration bladder located in the rear of the backrest, and an adjustable-height stripping apron.
The Prowlers is our biggest, most comfortable float tube.

The Prowler is for you if:
 • You love to still water fish in lakes, ponds and reservoirs
 • You want your knees to be up out of the water
 • You are a large angler who wants the best, most comfortable float tube on the market
 • You like to be out in a float tube more then 25 days a years.

 • Inflated Size: 50"x64" (127x163cm) 
 • Tube Diameter: 13.5" (35cm)
 • Fabric: 600 PC/500 PVC
 • Material Weight: 30 oz/sq.yd. (850gr)
 • AireCell Material: Urethane
 • Seam Construction: Sewn
 • Valve Type: 3-Summit
 • Weight: 16 lbs (7kg)
 • Load Capacity: 325 lbs (147kg)
 • Anchor System: Optional




Fish Cat Deluxe Prowler Super Fat Cat
Color Green, Red Navy
Inflated Size 44"x54" (112x137cm) 50"x64" (127x163cm) 45"x64" (114x163cm)
Tube Diameter 12"(31cm) 13,5" (35cm) 13 "(33cm)
Fabric 420 PC/500 PVC 600 PC/500 PVC 420 PC/500 PVC
Material Weight 30oz/sq. yd. (850gr) 30oz/sq.yd. (850gr) 30oz/sq.yd. (850gr)
AireCell Material Vinyl Urethane Urethane
Seam Construction Sewn Sewn Sewn
Valve Type 2-Boston/2-Tube Summit 3-Summit 1-Summit/2-Tube Summit
Weight 14lbs (6,5 kg) 16lbs (7kg) 12lbs (5,5 kg)
Load Capacity 250lbs (113kg) 325 lbs (147kg) 300 lbs (136kg)
This is your float tube if You like to fish in a float tube between 1-25 days a year You like to fish in a float tube more then 25 days a years You fish a lot
You want an affordable and do-everything float  You want the best, most comfortable float tube on the market You want a comfortable, compactable, stable and need a do-everything float tube

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