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Lure that redefines kabura and casting. Includes 3 vinyl tails. Weight: 100g

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A Red Seabream rubber jig refined from the traditional tai-kabura lure for use by modern lure fishermen.
Just drop it to the bottom and slowly wind it back up and you"ll be amazed by how easy you catch them.
Uses a necktie (trailer) and fine rubber skirt that uses worm rubber to provide a swimming action.
The fish will first nibble at the skirt so don"t try to set the hook yet but continue winding until the fish runs with the lure.
 • Weight: 100g
 • Hook: Two Koisogure #13
 • Ring: #3
 • Includes 3 vinyl tails


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  • Balance: Balanced
  • Hooks: Optional Hooks
  • Finish: Bright
  • Jig type: Kabura
  • Octupus: With Octupus
  • Weights: Up to 100 gr
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