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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Curly Tail Worm of 4". Perfect for when the fish prefer smaller baits. 4" (10cm). 20 unit package. Available in exclusive colors only for Spain



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Features a ribbon-style tail that flutters and waves, providing great swimming action.

The Curly 4 inch worm is perfect for a finesse rig on light line or for when the fish want a smaller bait. 20 unit package. 4" (10cm)


TEXAS ASSEMBLY: Refined assembly lead which leaves voids sliding ballast weight dropping vinyl.

DROP SHOT ASSEMBLY: Assembly that lets you put a lure on a specific area so long as we wish.

SPLIT SHOT ASSEMBLY: Mounting "finnese" lead pellet which permiteprospectar discreetly zone versus suspicious fish, suspended or affixed to the bottom.

CAROLONA ASSEMBLY: The best mount prospect vast area with vinyl.

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  • Measures: 5 to 10 cm
  • vinyl type: Worm
  • Envelopes: more than 5 units
    Manufacturer of high quality vinyl specialized in fisheries to the black bass, variety of models apra spinning all types of fishing, drop shop, splin shot, texas...