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Top Sales Topwater lure for over 10 years. Longitud: 98mm. Peso: 14gr

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Often copied, but never rivaled, the Megabass Giant Dog-X has been a favorite of top water enthusiasts for over 10 years.
The Giant Dog-X, with its realistic design and unique side-to-side roll-walking action, breathed new life into the walking-class of top water baits that have long been fished in the U.S.
The Giant Dog-X"s incredible attention to detail and profile is coupled with a unique side-to-side, roll-walking action that will draw vicious surface strikes with only a slight twitching of the rod tip.
This roll-walking action is what separates the Giant Dog-X from its competitors.
This action, created by the Megabass balancer system, allows the walking motion to be complemented by a rolling action that allows for more of the realistic side-profile to be seen by the bass—unlike other lures in this class, which only allow the bottom of the bait to be seen by most fish.
This lure is most effective in water visibilities of 2 to 20ft., and excels when the water temps are between 55 and 85 degrees.
Early mornings and cloudy, rainy days will produce the best results with the Giant Dog-X.
For best results, pair the Giant Dog-X with Megabass Dragon Call line in tests of 10 to 15lb., with the Megabass F4-66X4.
This rod will allow for easy wrist movement, which is critical to properly working the Giant Dog-X.
Add the Megabass Giant Dog-X to your top water arsenal today.
 • Length: 98 mm (3 7/8 in)
 • Weight: 13.9 gr (1/2oz)
 • Type: Floating

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