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Popper with new gill system and Walk the Dog action. Length: 64mm. Weight:7,8gr



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Introduced in 1996, the Megabass PopX breathed new life into the old-style popper concept.
Adding a new gill system and an attention to detail that set this lure apart from conventional poppers.
While the carefully crafted contours of the body and the detail of the hand-finished paintjob might draw your eyes first, the real magic is seen on the water, when the Megabass original Side-Stepping Balancer (PAT.) brings the PopX to life.
This balancer system features a fixed tungsten weight at the tail, and a spherical tungsten balancer towards the front that can only move from side to side.
This channels the weight’s movement laterally, combining the spitting action of a popper with a truly unique rolling-dog-walk action.
Of course, the PopX can be worked like a regular popper, but unlike a conventional popper—which only splashes—the patented gill system of the PopX has two slits that allow for water to pass through, creating a more organic surface disturbance.
In addition, the mouth of the PopX is designed to maximize the spitting distance that can be achieved with each twitch, resulting in considerable water-displacement.
For best results, twitch the PopX so that it moves about three inches at a time.
At this pace, the PopX will spit water about 10 inches, creating the impression of a wounded baitfish.
Early mornings and cloudy days are particularly effective times to fish the PopX.
We suggest fishing the lure around grass beds, points, or down shoreline cover.
 • Length: 64 mm
 • Weight: 7gr (1/4oz)
 • Type: Popper
 • Depth: Topwater

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