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Saltwater Popper that can be used jerking or with constant recovery. Available in 110mm and 38gr



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To compete in the crowded market for surface lures need only one thing: quality!
Producing quality products with the best design, the most advanced materials and tested by professional team of the company is Molix"s idea on how to do things to strengthen the name of the company and become a competitor with that "something" that makes the difference, known for its products rather than the logo on the packaging.
The Italian company he needed a decoy for the sea surface and larger SPopper Molix 110 is the answer.
It boasts 38 grams in a compact 11 centimeters without losing a Performance tab.
It casts like a bullet thanks to its aerodynamic profile, very important for shore anglers, nothing equally well above water than below.
Trabjar the SPopper not a problem for the novice or the expert fisherman:
It can work as large poppers jerk and move tropical water splashing noisily.
You can also work with a fast recovery followed, making the sink a couple of inches below the surface, meandering and leaving behind a trail of bubbles that will not go unnoticed.
Even all these features, it is a very stable lure, can be used successfully in harsh conditions without missing a beat or entangled.
Constructed with ABS body bulletproof and armored intern, this popper will remain in one piece with the sharp teeth of predators.
Even comes standard with two treble hooks high quality, it is very interesting to try with some OMTD OH2100 the # 3/0 or # 4/0, which you can see here:
OMTD Strong Single SW OH 2100
 • Length: 110mm (4.3in)
 • Weight: 38gr (1 3/4 oz)

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  • Lure: Popper
  • Long: 10 to 15 cm
  • Weight: More than 30 gr
  • Propellers: Without propellers
    MOLIX is an Italian brand of products and accessories for commercial fishing. The MOLIX headquarters is in Italy, which hosts the stages of design, development, control and marketing. Thanks to the products of research and innovative design continuous are of high quality, suitable to meet the new demands of modern fishermen. The products are sometimes the result of ideas that we are notified by the fans from many places in the world. Intuition becomes idea, joining Italian style characteristic products MOLIX. The idea is refined and evolves in the project, with the help of the professionalism and experience that many parts of the world collaborate with MOLIX.