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Popper with an innovative design that revolutionizes the market. Available in 8cm and 12gr

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Popper apparently all are equal, but only in appearance.
Imagine a table full of high quality poppers. They are all surface popper lures with good finishes it?
Exactly! So you may think that all are equal, but therein lies one of the most common mistakes in this complex world of fishing.
The Shaman of Molix popper has been breaking ground and has innovated in the field of poppers, a field where it was believed all seen.
With a unique and never seen a bib, the Shaman gets a really spectacular swimming and action.
This is a decoy created by and for anglers, based on experience and knowledge sharing of European fishermen who make fishing their lifestyle.
Popper Shaman, the only one.
 • Action: Floating
 • Lenght: 8cm (3.15")
 • Weight: 12gr (7/16oz)
 • Suggested Rod: Medium 6"6" to 7"
 • Suggested Line: 10 to 16 pounds of nylon or fluorocarbon

MOLIX SHAMAN 80 POPPER LURE is specifically designed and created for the Fishing

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  • High: 10
  • Lure: Popper
  • Long: 5 to 10 cm
  • Weight: From 10 to 30 gr
  • Propellers: Without propellers
    MOLIX is an Italian brand of products and accessories for commercial fishing. The MOLIX headquarters is in Italy, which hosts the stages of design, development, control and marketing. Thanks to the products of research and innovative design continuous are of high quality, suitable to meet the new demands of modern fishermen. The products are sometimes the result of ideas that we are notified by the fans from many places in the world. Intuition becomes idea, joining Italian style characteristic products MOLIX. The idea is refined and evolves in the project, with the help of the professionalism and experience that many parts of the world collaborate with MOLIX.