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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

Available in 8cm and 10gr, 11cm and 25gr or 15cm and 62gr. Pack of 3, 4 or 6 units



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- Full spectrum colors & patterns
- Secure I-Bolt system holographic WildEye
- Rigged with a superior VMC needle point hook
- Life-like swimming action
- Holographic swimmin" flash foil
- Strong soft body with internal lead head

Swim Shad:

8cm - 10gr (3 units pack)
11cm - 25gr (3 units pack)
13cm - 43gr (3 units pack)
15cm - 62gr (3 units pack)

Specially designed for launching and spinning but the color glow tiger that is absolutely fluorescent also used to curri bottom at depths of more than 30 meters at speeds lower than 3 knots.

All marine species and freshwater.

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  • vinyl type: fish
    Classic to the avant-garde, Storm features of other baits from high-end to low prices. Lure of vinyl, lure hard, accessories for angling. The forms of the body and sizes to suit any condition with features like external scale patterns, holography Flutterstick, 3-D holographic eyes, hooks VMC ® premium to start. SOFT baits from small streams to open waters, there is a bait to match it with their prey in the tacklebox storm Soft Plastics. All baits come pre-amanadas with premium, heavy-duty and hooks VMC ® hardware and weights of swimming in your case. Soft plastic storm allows you to "think like a fish." UV gloss finish glossy UV reflects energy more light, strengthening the visibility of the attraction. Our UV finishes are a unique combination of fluorescent paint, reflective surfaces and optical brighteners that make the brighter lure in any light. They have proven to be very effective for all species in situations where fish are fed by the view.