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Innovative jig available in 20, 40 and 60 grams and various colors



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Jig with really innovative shape, irresistible for the predators.
This curious shape, different from the other lures in its class, allows for many bites even in fall.
It has been developed with an aerodynamic shape and the different disposition of the weights along the body make his movement more erratic, just like a real schooling baitfish.
His exclusive shape gives high casting performances with an unique swimming action.
This jig have been developed to be successfully used by shore and boat anglers.
This lure is certainly a lure to have in our tackle box, making catches when other lures fail.
• Available in 20, 40 or 60 grams
• Holographic Eyes
• Includes Triple Hook and Keyring

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  • Jig Long: Short
  • Weights: From 30 to 100 gr
  • Balance: Superior balance
  • Hooks: Hooks series
  • Finish: Holographic
  • Weights: From 30 to 100 gr
  • It includes: Treble hooks
  • Lure: Jig
  • Type: Floating
  • Long lure: 8-11 cm
  • Lure weight: From 40 to 100 gr
    Kali and Kali KUNNAN brands are born within the bosom of CALICO SA was founded in 1850 and pioneered the fishing. Their birth dates back to the 90s, when developments in carbon fibers, allowed its application to the world of sport fishing. Since then they have produced many models as well as a host of fittings and accessories, which of course has evolved over the years, adapting to new trends and using increasingly innovative materials based on the latest technology, addition to enhancing a mime end manufacturing. Our mission is to provide a specialized range in Atlantic and Mediterranean fisheries typical of southern Europe, both inland and offshore, where the quality / price becomes an obsession for our design team. Several different modalities in fishing, some linked to the world of racing, other sports techniques used in high-level experts and advanced practitioners who contemplate the playful aspects of our sport. In both cases, our greatest desire is to be able to understand the demands and tastes of the fishermen, so we put all our enthusiasm in designing products we are sure you will be amazed by the quality, uniqueness and for their unsurpassed performance. KALI KUNNAN In addition to covering the more traditional or classic, modernized them technical advantage of new technologies, we studied very thoroughly formulas and types of fishing practiced in other parts of the globe trying to adapt to our areas of influence will always get the best performance in our waters and our fish. We hope that navigating between images and the large amount of technical specifications that we offer, find products they like or even venture to try new methods and new techniques. Of course you're welcome to visit it and store their usual "touch" models have personally discovered in our supplier.