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Spinning rod in one section with removable heel. Available in 198, 213 and 218cm and actions of 5-25, 10-35 and 15-60gr

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When the fishes are difficult and the finesse fishing hour arrives, the Shukan Neo 6"6" ML is the definitive answer!
Thin and tactile, this rod is the instrument dreamed of anglers from a boat and canoe.
 • Model: SKS 662 ML
 • Length: 6"6 "(198cm)
 • Action: Medium Light
 • Lure Action: 5-25g
 • Line: 6-12lb
 • Action: Fast
 • Weight: 110gr
 • Rings: 8
 • Handle Type: A
The Neo Shukan 7"M is a true foil! Light and manageable, with a nervous and quick blank, it have the qualities we know seduce and satisfy the most demanding.
Fishing with water halfway vinyls (Makaira Majikeel 125 + 14 g) and fishing with surface lures (Naja 105 and 125, Dog Pop"n 80) are techniques in which this rod stands.
Flexible handle a decoy on a light jig becomes a child"s play!
 • Model: SKS 702 M
 • Length: 7 "(213cm)
 • Action: Medium
 • Lure Action: 10-35g
 • Line: 6-14lb
 • Action: Fast
 • Weight: 130g
 • Rings: 9
 • Handle Type: A
Whether used for fishing vertically or traction, the Neo Shukan 7"2 "MH + corresponds exactly to what is expected of a cane to encourage flexible lures sinkers heads equipped Heavyweight (Pollax Fishead and 95-125g) .
The blank, progressive action, provides the necessary comfort for the cast and control of heavy lures.
The resonance of this rod is such that it is easy to feel the vibrations that give life to shad as it touches the water.
And if necessary, you can also use it to handle large surface lures (Naja 145).
 • Model: SKS 722 MH +
 • Length: 7"2 "(218cm)
 • Action: Medium Heavy +
 • Lure Action: 15-60g
 • Line: 8-20lb
 • Action: Extra Fast
 • Weight: 165gr
 • Rings: 9
 • Handle Type: A
The return of the true legend of the Sakura company!
At the request of Spanish and European clients, we have "raised" the famous Shukan rods that marked his time, in a completely updated and modernized version.
The range is relatively small but very specialized to the chase and satisfy the most demanding fishermen.
Taking advantage of the latest technical innovations, we have worked hard to develop very specific blanks, customized to the current techniques of fishing at sea.
Its light weight and ease of use are quite admirable in terms of compressive strength, is, quite simply, out of the ordinary.
The carbon layers "Mitsubishi Japan» multimódulos, IM 24, 30 et 36 T, have been selected and worked with great care to make these blanks only, without any concessions we have allowed.
Naturally, Shukan Neo rods are equipped with Fuji rings famous "K-Frame" that reduce tangles during the cast thanks to its new and original profile.
And the icing on the cake, which is also important is the incredible value of Shukan move that consolidates the brand Neo Sakura as a leader in the field of fishing rods lure.
Like you, we think that fishing with lures is a way of life. 
That"s why Sakura has designed and developed a comprehensive collection of fishing rods technical and aesthetic ideal that will allow fully satisfy their passion. 
The blanks put in place, revealing each personality, show all extremely light sensitive, nervous and potent. In order to maintain a perfect balance between style and efficiency, Sakura have decided to equip their rods with the best components. 
This choice naturally went to Fuji for the reel seat, used as is or customized according to customer requirements. Same for the rings, because  Fuji is the reference in this field. 
Fuji Gunsmoke SiC versions are mounted in the Stingray Spinning series and Oversea Spinning series, while the number of "initiation" called Rookie, benefits from Alconite Fuji rings. 
These rings are placed judiciously as "Fuji New Guide Concept" or "Sakura Guide System", depending on the models in order to optimize the performance of different blanks. 
The EVA handles design has been adapted to the characteristics of the rod to improve their qualities and attractiveness of its use. 
The high density of this material ensures a firm, comfortable grip, ensuring accurate and released in good spirits. 
Improving the transmission of chopped and "messages" communicated by line to the hand of the fisherman. 
All these collection of rods are perfectly suited to the demands of the modern techniques of fishing with lures and you will seek pleasure and efficiency from the first released.

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  • Shank type: 1 section
  • Material rod: High carbon module
  • Rings: Fuji
  • Mango: EVA
  • Cane: Boat (up to 2.4 meters)
  • Dam type: Large predators
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