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Sinking Spinnerbait. Weight: 14gr. Blades: Doble Willow. Ideal action: Slow Rolling

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With titanium wire arm BULLET SHAD produces slower wider vibration than others.
In fact it allows the head to swing wider when retrieved.
Also its center of gravity is set at the lowest point it will beable to come right through most weedy areas.
The head of Megabass Bullet Shad spinners is specially contoured to be bottom heavy.
This configuration is designed to enable the bait to swing back and forth like a pendulum while the blades churn above causing maximum commotion from this compact package.
Sounds good, doesn"t it?
Unfortunately in the water, this character is never realized as the bait swims back straight, true, and non-wobbling like every other spinnerbait I"ve thrown. 
 • Weight: 14 grams
 • Blades: Double willow
 • Type: Spinnerbait
 • Action: sinking
 • Techniques: Slow rolling



Finesse Fishing with spinnerbaits??
If spinnerbaits are already in itself a very versatile lures, when we talk about the thing compact Spinnerbaits improvement.
Efforts continue to lure "contact", but better fish presentation on "pitching" or sets precise holes.
Still, used in hedges, are more difficult to detect by predators, so we need to work energetically.
Great for basses pressured and days when small fish abound and black bass exploit this abundance.

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  • Manufacturing: Japanese
  • Type decoy: Spinner Bait
  • Weight: 5-20gr
    Japanese manufacturer of products for fishing, rods and artificial fish and minnows of great quality, poppers and stick baits, passers-by... for the sea and swamp or river.