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Available models: 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 14000, 18000, 20000, 30000. It"s perfect for all the situations

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The new series STELLA SW focuses in the absolute power. For do it use it"s "tenacity", "starting power "," stiffness", "water resistant" and "a big brake", these benefits have been made real.
The technologies needed are X-SHIP, which improves the efficiency of power transmission through the gear, and STURDY ALUMINUM BODY, X-RIGID ROTOR, PICK-UP X-RIGID and CRANK X-RIGID, to improve stiffness and eliminate the energy loss caused by the bending. The synergy generated by these technologies combine to prevent the loss of the power transmitted by the handle and create a huge breakout. In order to support this tremendous power, extreme hardness we introduced X-RIGID gear in the heart of the reel body. X-TOUGH DRAG, with its heat resistance and robustness greatly improved anticipates rapid rate of bluefin tuna and Giant Trevally. The brake performance has become even softer, strengthening its reliability. Besides these mechanisms as important, stressed water resistance, in order to keep their initial performance and hardness. The X-SHIELD reliable system has been applied in the key mechanisms and the X-Protect provides protection to the roller gear assembly - a crucial area for water resistance.
The new STELLA SW wins tough battle for the integration of high level of "power" and "soft". Catch the fish of your dreams!

The gear system has achieved X-SHIP greater efficiency in power transmission to minimize resistance to the rotation through a larger gear, optimum positioning and greater accuracy in the face of the tooth and the load capacity. The rigidity of the components such as the crank rotor and have been improved to eliminate the energy loss resulting from the bending and distortion. The synergy generated by the X-SHIP and the rigidity of the components allow more direct start, no power loss in the handle, providing a great advantage for extreme fishing in saltwater. Furthermore, performance and powerful soft start created by the inertia of the rotor X-RIGID ROTOR and efficiency of X SHIP together are the key features of this STELLA. Help fishermen to keep their concentration, releasing stress in handling jigs and lures. Experience the true power of STELLA in all aspects of saltwater fishing a rendimientconsistente along its entire operation and action.

The gear with the latest in strength, able to withstand a huge load!

Last eneration concept for the main gear to withstand the maximum braking necessary to address fishing activities at sea. The difference is obvious, the main gear, key novelty in the new Stella, is thicker and stronger. A special additional coating surface with up to 38% of additional durability compared to previous STELLA reels. This is a very durable and suitable with a new heart STELLA, designed for X-Ship internal structure (image) to ensure his victory in saltwater fishing.

X Shielo: The sealing structure high power throughout the reel

At providing reliable sealing structures in the required points, including the reel body and the point of contact of the coil and the brake handle, the water passage ways are blocked. This dual protection provides high reliability and durability STELLA SW when used in extreme conditions in salt water

Individual performance is not enough for the brake system

The drive system of the new STELLA SW has advanced tremendously in terms of strength, softness and performance. The basic behavior of the brake has been extensively revised. Each of the metal thrust washers and carbon demonstrate excellent heat resistance and durability. Through in-depth study of the thickness and the friction force of each component in the drive system, the best combinations were selected for each model and size. Further, the shaft and the coil are designed so that the braking force is distributed well regardless of high or low position of the coil, ensuring a smooth braking force and stable. Within brake cap, a coil spring mounted to allow fishermen to fine tune even under heavy stress. High reliability is essential to brake battles with big fish

1 A large diameter base for models 8000 and above
Large models 8000 and higher have a coil base with carbon and metal washers large diameter. This structure makes it possible for large diameter support the load generated by the pressure of the brake handle from the top and bottom, dramatically reducing the load per unit area. This X-TOUGH DRAG is designed for large models to provide even greater stability.
2 Set enables fine adjustment to the maximum brake
The coiled wave spring adopted to the brake system has a constant spring rate and compression deformation, after intensive use. Ensures stable level drag adjustment from minimum to maximum, even at the level close to maximum braking. This is a great advantage under extreme conditions when hooked a fish monster By providing a solution to the conventional problem that even a small button spin under heavy load braking produces a large and sudden change in the brake, this strategy enables brake adjustment more flexible to fishermen.
3 with a brake washers abrasion resistance much greater
As a result of abrasion testing carbon washers Stella SW old and the new Stella SW under the same load, in the first wore out and became thinner with a slightly rough surface, while the latter only increased its surface luster and showed no wear. The heat resistance and durability also passed the stress test with maximum braking line (brake comparison chart stabilized) showed a smooth release of line without excessive wobbling This allows
fishermen keep the rod in a stable position, ensuring a balanced battle big fish.

Pick-up rigid and superstrong obtained with thick titanium wire

The use of thicker titanium wire has markedly increased rigidity and impact resistance of the pick up handle. The nature of metal pick up makes it lighter and provides better corrosion resistance. A pick-up system super-reliable has been created by combining a pick-up of a piece of wire and a roller Titanium protected oversized diamond-like carbon (DLC). The stiffer rotor assembly ever made thanks synergy with X-RIGID ROTOR.

Our new rigid handle eliminates the loss of starting power!

In the new STELLA SW, crank shaft - a separate part on previous models - is now integrated with a collar in one piece. This all in one structure improves the rigidity of the axle housing while also adopts a new configuration to the engagement surface with the crank shaft. This allows the axis of the housing and accurately completely close the top of the crank pin, which increases the rigidity of the entire handle. For STELLA SW 5000-size and larger, mainly used for fishing potent stem cold forged crank is used to prevent bending and distortion of the grip and preventing internal torsion. With these new features, rigidity tests showed an 35% increase in stiffness. Even under high pressure load, the energy applied by a fisherman can be transmitted directly to the gears, improving starting power.

More distance, more accurate released, again and again

Through tens of thousands of tests and computer simulations thrown lip coil AR-C has been designed to provide greater distances launched with conventional coil edges, while at the same time avoiding formation setbacks and knots . This is achieved by allowing the line to flow out of the coil into a number of small loops, rather than a single larger loop that creates the friction on the line. Reduced friction means longer range casting.

10 times more resistant to corrosion than standard steel ball bearing steel.

A-RB are stainless steel bearings that have gone through the A-RB treatment that makes them at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard steel ball bearings steel.
Easy maintenance
Design that does not allow passage of dirt and debris and allows easy lubrication.
More rolling speed
Shield design prevents dirt over with a light viscosity lubrication reduces friction and allows spin faster and longer.

  • Bearings: More than 10 bearings
  • Brake power: More than 10 Kg
  • Reel for: Large parts
  • Product reel: Reel
  • Reel size: More than 10000
  • Type coil: Coil turntable
    From the perspective of angling, any person who has possessed and enjoyed using Shimano tackle has a reason to thank a visionary Japanese called Shozaburo Shimano who in 1921 declared: "my goal is to make Shimano products at the best of Kansai, then the best in Japan, and, finally, the best in the world." For more than 80 years, Shimano has focused on engineering precision, one step at a time. The creation of products and most innovative processes can have on hand today. fishing reels Spinning Reels Spinning water reels saltwater reels lever drag Drag Star profile waves under round electric reels fishing rods, rods of freshwater saltwater Surf rods Muskie rods rods Jigging rods inshore rods Rod Trolling Salmon and Steelhead rods clothing bibs and jackets jackets sweatshirts T-shirts hats footwear gear instruments covers the reel the LURE sports camera bags Orca lure Coltsniper Jigs Lucano Jigs Jigs Butterfly Jigs Waxwing

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