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Spinning rof of 250cm in two segments. Spinning Action: 20-80g. Jigging Action: 40-120g

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Pelagic Offshore
Predators of the Mediterranean, tuna, bluefish, leerfish, all kinds of pelagic, have to be careful this season.
This version is designed for offshore fishing from boat.
The profile of the blank can launch both a stickbait, a jig popper smoothly.
Also used from a boat for espumeros by large bass minnows i Sardinian plomasdas heads or vinyl with minimum 20 maximum 80 gr
 • Length: 250cm
 • Sections: 2
 • Folded: 128,5cm
 • Weight: 323g
 • Rings: 8
 • Spinning Action: 20-80g
 • Jigging Action: 40-120g
 • Blank Material: HPC300 + Biofibre
Wild Romance
Specially designed for modern fishing at sea, the Wild Romance rods of Shimano incorporate the latest technologies in design concept and construction.
The range meets the exacting needs of the three great families of fishermen, fishing with vinyl, with artificial fish (minnows) and extreme fishing.
They have used the best components to make the blanks, specifically studied to animate any type of lure on the market.
There has been no compromise in order to give a unique and intense pleasure.
Aesthetics are important, but the quality of a beer is evaluated by its construction and action.
You just have to take a look at a reed Wild Romance to realize Shimano's engineers have wanted to offer the best possible range of rods.


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