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Lipless minnow with an ideal weight to be casted to record distances. Available in 105mm and 30gr

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It is an ideal stickbait those beaches which usually form large pools that often are "hots spots" or hot spots for bass fishing.
These spots are very nice, of course, but rarely usable properly for lack of a lure really fit and able to reach the mouth out of this famous coastal lagoon.
Sakura is so designed the Bainer, a lipless minnow spindle shaped and heavily burdened that will achieve considerable distances launched.
The waves and wind were once a nuisance will be a bad memory.
Its density in its class record also ensures optimum swimming in strong currents and large coastal waves.
Since entering the water, shown Bainer efficient and ready to fish.
During the collapse phase, is positioned horizontally while producing a strong "rolling" or wave motion that is very attractive.
When it has reached the desired depth, all you have to do is start the animation by strong "twitches" (jerks) and "jerks" so you can make long passes disordered as would a fleeing minnow.
Naturally, if your original design makes it a prime lure for anglers from the shore, is particularly effective in reaching dangerous positions while saving the distances.
It also emphasizes enhanced armor "full wire", which gives a great advantage among such lures allowing it to be used for fishing of larger predators, present in our coasts or in tropical regions.
 • Category: Lipless Minnow
 • Type: Sinking
 • Swimming Depth: 1.50 m or 2.50 m
 • Length: 105mm or 125mm
 • Weight: 30gr or 42gr


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  • Long: 10 to 15 cm
  • Weight: From 10 to 30 gr
  • Manufacturing: Japanese
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