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Stick Bait designed to tackle the largest of the saltwater brutes. Type: Floating

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Introducing the Ocea Pencil stick baits from Shimano.

This series of big game lures have been designed to tackle the largest of the saltwater brutes such as GT’s, mah mahi, Tuna and large Dolphin fish.
Aerodynamic bodies give these lures superior casting abilities while lifelike appearances and a zig-zag swimming motion that floats when paused, attracts fish like no other.
A through wire construction with a tensile load of above 100kgs gives you the assurance every time you have a monster fish of a lifetime! 
The Ocea range can be used in all conditions and whether rough or even with spooky fish on still days this lure covers all big game bases.
If explosive surface action on Mega Tuna, Brutal GT’s or Hoodlum Kingfish interests you than you would be crazy to go past the Shimano Ocea Pencil fishing lure.
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The Shimano Ocea pencil fishing lure is an exciting stick bait style lure set to have you tackling the meanest pelagic monsters out there.
Make no mistake the Shimano Ocea are built with big fish in mind and once you start using them you had better be prepared for some heart stopping action.
Whether you’re in the tropics targeting big GT’s, Queenfish and Spanish mackerel or down south chasing the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish or even out on the blue water casting at Tuan schools the Shimano Ocea is up to the challenge.
Shimano Ocea Pencil fishing lures boast superior casting abilities and the super tough construction won’t let you down with its through wire design and durable body material.
The Shimano Ocea Pencil fishing lure has been tested to handle loads above 100kg’s so you can use this lure with confidence for the fish of a lifetime.
Shimano Ocea Pencil fishing lures can be retrieved fast across the surface to replicate a fleeing baitfish or can be retrieved in the classic “walk the dog” style where it travels at a slower pace and tracks from side to side leaving a swirling trail and the occasional splash proven irresistible to any pelagic.
Features and Specifications
The Shimano Ocea Pencil fishing lures are available various baitfish colours
Extreme durability and strength tested to over 100kg
Through wire construction
Irresistible action and superior castability
Model 115S:
 • Type: Sinking
 • Length: 115mm
 • Weight: 29gr
 • Hooks: 2 treble Owner ST-66 #1
Model 150F:
 • Type: Floating
 • Length: 150mm
 • Weight: 46gr
 • Hooks: 2 treble Owner ST-66 #2
Model: 150S:
 • Type: Sinking
 • Length: 150mm
 • Weight: 60g
 • Hooks: 2 treble Owner ST-66 #2 (#3 in the Limited Edition)
Model 185F:
 • Type: Floating
 • Length: 185mm
 • Weight: 85g
 • Without hooks (recommended treble Owner ST-66 #3)

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