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100% Manufacturer's Warranty

735g, Ratio: 4.3:1, Capacity: 0.40/300m, 5+1 Roller Bearing, Recuperation: 103cm. 2 models available: 6000, 10000

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This is the version of the luxuries Ultegra XSA but has improved in his features, which justify its price increase. If you liked the old version, the new you'll crazy! It's more sophisticated: there are micro click revolving front brake, a biomechanical grip handle with a coil and cold forged and protected against corrosion. The holes in the protective layer of the spool involve a reduction in their weight. These remain visible even in spite of a provision of lubricant to protect, preserve and maintain the spool. What you will not see is the addition of 5 bearings A-RB of balls and a roller bearing that allows it to achieve the 9BB on its performance. Anyway, you can see the use of this device to change the position of the handle.
Instant - Drag: The instant brake system lets you adjust the grip from coil to struggle free with only a couple of laps. For interest in the safety of fish and for environmental reasons, be sure not to exceed the pressure of wire breakage mono / braided when you are tightening the brake, and that this action may cause breakage of the wire.
  • Cold forged aluminium spool
  • Power Roller
  • Cold forged gear
  • XT7 spool
  • Hypergear
  • 2 speed oscillation
  • Aero Wrap
  • Eje flotante II
  • Super Stopper II
  • Instant drag spool system
  • Dyna balance
  • Biogrip
  • Spare spool

If you have doubts or questions about the operation or features of SHIMANO SUPER ULTEGRA XSA REEL, do not hesitate to get in touch with our service customer support.

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