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Considered one of the bConsidered one of the best jigs and the most current at the time, with a unique design. Weight: 90gr.

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Considered one of the best jigs and the most current at the time. Jigs made by the famous Japanese designer Yoshitaka Tsurusaki lures (Duel, Evergreen Pro Staff). With a unique design and shape just action producing these jigs in your swim is awesome for us, and super attractive to predators!

SL series of FCLlabo jigs can be used from the shallower to the deeper funds. These jigs are designed for slower and technical recovery, producing a very wide "flutter" (fluttering) and really attractive, able to excite the fish with lower levels of activity. If we combine this action with its length (slightly shorter) get a deadly jig for bottom species (samas, bream, snapper, grouper, haddock, etc ...) and works equally well with pelagic (amberjack or yellowtail , tuna, ...) if they do not end up reacting to faster recoveries.

In specialized locations in the bluefin tuna jigging (like Cape Cod in USA) has become an extremely popular jig.

More than 44 customers have purchased FCLLABO SL JIG 90GR

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  • Jig Long: Short
  • Weights: from 100 to 250 gr
  • Balance: Lower balance
  • Hooks: Optional Hooks
  • Finish: Holographic
    Japanese manufacturer for vertical jigging, jigging, jigging kabura inchiku jigs, jigs of great quality and effectiveness