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One of the most effective jigs. Length: 110mm. Weight: 90gr



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WEEPY"S unique tear-drop shape causes an amazing irregular action, looking as if it were escaping from predators, stimulating attacks even from low-active targets.
Best used with high line retrieval capacity reels (around 1 mt. line per lap).
Lightest sizes (70 and 90 gr) are ideal for shallow water.
Luminous painting on the big sizes (200 gr) will attract the big ones that live in the depths.
Using ASARI Assist Hooks with this lure is highly recommended, Round stainless steel inner wire.
Thick coating to prevent painting coming off.


This product has accessories that you can use to enhance or get more out of HART WEEPY JIGC

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  • Jig Long: Short
  • Weights: from 50 to 100 gr
  • Balance: Lower balance
  • Hooks: Optional Hooks
  • Finish: Holographic
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