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28g - 84mm / 42g - 96mm / 56g - 105mm. VIVA PARADE has been made to be Swimming Jig which can be fished with simple method. Its slim and fish-like body shape relates a good quality of swimming.

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  • VIVA PARADE has been made to be Swimming Jig which can be fished with simple method.
  • Its slim and fish-like body shape relates a good quality of swimming.
  • Metal core and plastic coating combination gives it a moderate volume silhouette with light weight.
  • And this plastic coat protects the inside paint and eyes from any damages such as fish bite, coming off the paint and eyes due to hit the rock, boat, etc.


  • The basic technique for this model is casting and spinning from both shore and the boat.
  • It keeps high balanced wobbling action in slow or fast retrieving.
  • Twitching and short jerking are of course important.
  • In order to make good action it is better not to use swivels. 


  • The target is almost all kinds of Fish-Eater not only in the sea but in the fresh water.
  • To the sea fishing, biggest size 56g can be used for vertical jigging for King Fish, Yellow Tail, and Amberjack.
  • 42g, 28g are basic size to boat fishing for Dolphin Fish ( MAHI MAHI ), Bonito 2-4 kg, and Sea Bass.
  • 21g, 14g, 7g are available for bay area fishing with light tackle and also for the fresh water.
  • It is the best suited for small Sea Bass, Brracuda, Mackerel, Rock Fish, Ling Cod, and for Trout and Bass in the fresh water.


  • There are five color with strong flashy LASER SEAL included scale patterned scratching.

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