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Soft Swimbait of 10cm. With an incredible ratio of salt and density and flexibility. Blister of 8 units

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Sakura Slit Shad

With nothing resists Slit Shad!
This swimbait of a particular type is so versatile it brings new perspectives to the flexible lures fans both at sea and in freshwater.
Robot developed by injection to achieve constant quality manufacturing, has a special texture, while soft and amazingly resilient.
This ideal polymer provides a high density Shad Slit compared to its size without affecting its flexibility.
Has been impregnated with the mass of salt microcrystals and flavored with the attractive "smell of crustaceans" to make it easier to locate by predators and so they last longer in the mouth to give you time to nail the fish.
The Slit Shad has a body almost triangular section whose back is split lengthwise to hide the hook point in the assembly or to properly center texas head plumb.
It has also enabled a slot along the belly, with an ideal, to facilitate sliding of the hooks during nailing, without harming the accommodation of the hook during the animation, including when forcibly passes through obstacles or "skipping".
The caudal appendage has been cleverly designed to offer great mobility and optimal vibration intensity.
At its base, has two areas of articulation that will amplify the pounding and broadcast to the entire lure.
The effect "rolling" (wave) obtained in each drive is very seductive.
Slit flow termination is thin and flat Shad with an ovoid shape that allows you to take action immediately, even at low speed.
Increasing the rate of recovery, the pulse of the tail will amplify and propagate powerful low-frequency waves, recognized a great distance.
This mobility means evolutionary superiority Shad Slit as it maintains impeccable stability in any situation.
The Slit Shad can be mounted on a head plumb in drop shot on a hook for mounting weightless or texas.
Is also an original trailer for rubber jig for drilling in "swimming".
The table sizes proposed will practice different types of fishing: fishing rock, linear, buzzing, vertical traction, Dandine (roll).
There are no excuses for not using it!

 • 4" (10 cm)
 • Blister of 8 pieces

Sakura Slit Shad

You have 14 days to be able to make a change or return SAKURA SLIT SHAD 4 (8UTS)

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  • vinyl type: larva
  • Head: Without head
  • Shaped vinyl: Larva or other
  • It includes: Without hooks
  • Body: Articulated
  • Measures vinyl: 5 to 10 cm
  • Heads: Without hook
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